Your Mobile APPs Monetization Expert.
Based on our high-quality algorithm and integration technology, we will maximize your advertising revenue.
Smart and Efficient, a All-in-One solution provider.
We will do our best to help you improve your product's cashability.

Top Filled Rate

To ensure the top level fill rate, we have not only attract huge numbers of direct offer from ourselves, but also thousands offers from our top ad partners. We make the elements together to be attractive ads for users.

Power-X Targeted Algorithm

Based on a 300M MAU data model, we have done the research of a revolutional new algorithm - PowerX. The creative Power-X Algorithm makes it possible for us to show the ads to user in a most proper time and environment.

Efficent Intergration

We provide different editions of SDK according to your need.In the meanwhile, our expert operation team will give you the right advice on finding a better balance point between user experience and monetization.

Power-Smart Aggregation

MobPower Aggregation platform supports developers to use multiple ad-platform such as Admob and Facebook in the same time. Also, we support developers to set the priority of each platform or use our system calculated priority to ensure the maximum income.

Multi-Demension Data Analytics Report
We provide data analytics report by ecpm and arpu. By observing the different side of users, you may find a better way to monetize.
A Modularized SDK
We do provide the standard SDK, and our tech-team also can modularize our SDK for your own needs. Let us know what you need and we will care about the rest.
Power-Warm Services
Our developer service is on 7*24 for your queries.


  • Native Ads

    The most popular ad type. We provide varies of ad elements for developers to make a better combination of advertisement and the app itself, by which to minimize the disturbance to users.

  • AppWall

    The most easy-to-integrad type of advertisement with the highest ECPM efficiency. By using AppWall, your users may find an intereting way to explore more Apps in trend.

  • Interstitial Ads

    This is a very efficent way of advertising - we can always touch the users by showing them what they may really like by our X-Targeting Tech.

  • Banner Ads

    The traditional ad type accepted by many users - with a lower disturbance and longer showing period, it earns good income for many developers.

  • Video Ads

    By showing our creative video ads, we provide an effective way to help developers to monetize. Developers can also use our incentive function to further improve users' motion in participating.


Ready To Earn?!

We are not only want to be an perfect advertisement company, but also would like to be the monetization department of your company.