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We not only provide globalized promotion services for Chinese advertisers, but we also provide localized promotion services for advertisers around the world. We offer Media Buy services with the highest return on investment for advertisers.

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Promote overseas

Our professional global marketing team uses online marketing (such as Facebook, adwords) to buy media traffic for advertisers. We bring highest return on investment based on advertisers' marketing budgets.

Optimize Creative

Create innovative creatives and continually optimize assets based on data

Select AD Network

Select the best marketing network based on the advertiser's App or Game


Combine multi-dimensional data to find out the most appropriate target users

Optimize Budgets

Optimize bids and control daily budget based on ads' data

Promote in china

We work with many important media platforms in China. Our ads reach more than 200 million users per day. We offer a comprehensive localization service that allows advertisers to quickly enter the Chinese market.


Localization of language and asset for advertisers , Provide product optimization recommendation


Upload and update on over 100 localized App distribution platforms, follow up user's feedback

Customer Service

Provide comprehensive data analysis , maintain online communities and offline activities

Software Copyright

Registering software copyrights in China for advertisers to protect the appropriate rights


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We are not only want to be an perfect advertisement company, but also would like to help accelerate your business growth.

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